For those unfamiliar with Christian and the Trust established to help his family, Christian was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, requiring constant care.  His paralysis makes a permanent tracheotomy necessary and confines him to a wheelchair equipped with a feeding tube.  Thanks to the money the Trust has raised since its inception (2003), thousands of hours of nursing care coverage has been provided. The result is an improved quality of life for Christian and his family, allowing Christian to lead as normal a life as possible.  This could not happen without the generousity of individuals.

While we continue to seek ways to fund this trust to provide a stable source of support for Christian, we are requesting that donations in Karen's memory be made to the trust though the paypal account in the name of  (Please see link to Contact/Support Us for other ways to donate.)


Elizabeth R. Watkinson
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Christian deRiemer Trust

Christian DeRiemer Trust Board of Trustees
Elizabeth Watkinson
William J. Watkinson
A. Richard Bailey
Barbara Botti
Trish Faidiga
Suzanne Dee Gorman
Barbara Jones
Cathy-Renee Vinicombe
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We share in the sorrow of the DeRiemer Family as they grieve together in the death of their beloved Matriarch, Karen Anthony DeRiemer on March 28.  Karen fought a long and valiant battle with lung cancer, but she never gave up hope and kept her spirit positive and loving throughout.

A memorial service and celebration of her life is set for Saturday, April 11th @ 3pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church
10 W Pleasant Grove Rd
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382   DIRECTIONS

The family requests that Memorial contributions in Karen's name be made to the Christian DeRiemer Trust.  (See below)
Everyone has was never meant to be a bed of roses.....Christian has his handicap, i have my pal, stage IV lung cancer, Neil is taking care of all of us, working his ass off.....welcome to Life 101.....and I'm not being sarcastic one iota here.......bullying is for weaklings.....people who can't stand being in their own skins......

" It's always amazing to see how many people want to make a difference in other people's lives. Many thanks to those who have donated to help our family. 2013 was not the greatest with me being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. But with all the treatments and support I intend to knock it on it's butt!!! If you can help, great. If not just saying a prayer and sending healing, positive energy will make a difference. With many thanks and hope and love, Karen, The Incredible Christian's proud mother. "
Shortly before she died, Karen was focused on making life better for others-- and was especially concerned about bullying and social injustice.  Her heart was always in the right place....and the world is better that she was here.  This is from her page on Facebook: